Frame & Mat Choices

Pictured below are a few off the many frames we have available. We have done our own custom framing for many years and have made them available at our summer Art Festivals. This is the start of making them available on my web site. Eventually you will be able to pick and order your framed art directly from my web site. For now you will need to call us toll free at 1-866-44-Julia or e-mail us to choose your framing.


O-10154  1" wide             O-79523  1.25" wide          O-78800   1.25" wide

L-383AM   1" wide            L-57012    1" wide            O-79261   1" wide

L-457901   1.75" wide         L-457906   1.75" wide         L-X2649   1.75" wide

L-512AM  1.5" wide           O-79353   1.75" wide              O-79118   2.25" wide

O-79119   3.5" wide            O-79746   2.75" wide           L-616362   2" wide

O-79316   2.75" wide           O-80026   3.5" wide             O-79314   3.75" wide

O-79583   2.5" wide               O-78807   2.75" wide            O-78808   2.75" wide


    O-79198  1.25" wide              Cream/black             Cream/cream


               Cream/Light gray        Cream/Light green       Med Brown/Dk Brown   Med Brown/Lt Brown

Julia Swartz 2001 to 2005 Art Framing