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Frequently Asked Questions

Order Information and Return Policy


I want all my customers to love their Julia Swartz original paintings and prints!  If  for any reason you are not satisfied, we will accept the return of your purchase within 15 days of the day your purchase arrived. You will be refunded the full amount of your purchase minus the shipping charge.  Pack the painting or print in the package as it was received, insure for the purchase price and ship it back. Contact us prior to returning for authorizing.   l-717-656-4226 or e-mail Terry@juliaswartz.com.  Please include your phone number and reason for return in your e-mail. 


Your orders are placed over our secure server. That means your credit information is encrypted (scrambled and unreadable) as it is transmitted over the internet.  Your credit card information is then removed from our online secure server to further protect your personal information. If you are uncomfortable ordering over the internet, call us at 717-723-8099. We accept Visa, Master Charge.


Prints are shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail in a tube.
Framed Art is shipped UPS Standard Delivery (Ground) or FedEx ground. When your order is shipped we will e-mail the shipping date and the tracking number.  If you need any special shipping services, please contact us. 1-717-723-8099   


All personal information about you is kept strictly confidential and will not be made available to other companies.


The copyright symbol you see across the prints on my website are not on the actual print that you will receive.

The copyright to all the images on this site belongs to Julia Swartz. These images are for purposes of illustration and are published to promote the art of Julia Swartz & Swartz Associates LLC.  No reproduction, matting, or framing may be made using any Swartz image contained herein.  They may not be used, in whole or part, for any other product. To do so violates Julia Swartz's copyright, and trade dress rights. If you have any information on products that are substantially similar to any in the Julia Swartz collection, please contact us. Terry@juliaswartz.com


We can do custom framing for anything you order. Check out our frame samples and we will work out the details over the phone. 717-723-8099


If you need a very large print, we can provide them for you with Giclee prints. We can print up to 42 inches wide by whatever the length works out to be. The custom size prints will not increase the total number of prints printed, therefore the editions are still limited. For more information and pricing call toll free 717-723-8099


Our Litho prints are a reproduction of an original painting using the traditional lithography method, also commonly referred to as offset printing.  All our litho prints are printed on acid free stock using color fast or fad resistant inks.  The color fast inks are special inks that are much more resistant to fading than most inks used in offset printing.  We know this for a fact as we had the unfortunate experience of a printer using the wrong ink.  These prints showed obvious signs of fading within a year or two.  Fortunately, the printer reprinted the edition for us, and we replaced the prints for our customers.  All art should be protected from direct sunlight.  Even very bright rooms or florescent lights can cause prints to fade prematurely. Proper framing can significantly reduce the effect of light on the art.  How long will a print last without noticeable fading?  It is hard to know because of all the variables involved.  However, we do use acid free paper and color fast inks which will give you many years of enjoyment with no noticeable fading.  All Litho prints have a minimum of a one inch paper border unless otherwise noted.  Mini prints have a .25 paper border except as noted.


Giclee prints or digital prints are the latest technology in printing art work and fast becoming the choice of reproduction by artist, art galleries, and art collectors.  The quality, or resolution known as dots per inch of Giclee prints, has been better than litho prints for several years.  That means when you look at the printing quality under magnification, you will see that the dot pattern is finer, or more dots per inch on Giclee prints then on Litho prints.  This may not be an issue since no one looks at a print under magnification, but it does say something about the high quality of Giclee reproduction.  The big technology advances recently with Giclee prints, has been the introduction of archival inks and new papers..  Early Giclee prints used dye based inks but the new archival inks are pigment based.  In general, pigment based inks are much less susceptible to fading than dye based inks.  The other aspect that enhances the archival ness of the Giclee prints is the paper.  For all our prints, we use a special paper that has a special coating that encapsulates the pigment based inks.  The net effect is a very good looking, long lasting, fade resistant print.  In fact, independent testing facilities exist, such as Wilhelm Imaging Research, to test the longevity of the various inks and medias used in Giclee printing to verify their relative longevity.  Wilhelm Imaging Research testing results state the ink and paper combination we use should last more than 75 years before any noticeable fading occurs when displayed in normal interior lighting and with proper framing under glass.  At any rate, Giclee prints with archival inks should last longer than you or I, and maybe longer then our grandchildren before any noticeable fading occurs.  For canvas prints they say 35 to 50 years before any noticeable fading occurs. However since canvas prints are not under glass, we coat our canvas prints with a coating containing UV inhibitors which will enhance the longevity considerably. All Giclee prints have a minimum of a one inch paper border unless otherwise noted.  Mini prints have a .25 paper border.


Many galleries carry Julia's work.  Your favorite gallery may be one of them.


Galleries and Dealers may place their orders online and you will receive your normal discount.


Contact us and we will calculate the shipping charges


To place an order by fax, please print out the order form and fax to: 1-717-656-4226. Include your Name and address and credit card numbers including expiration date, fax number or email address so we can confirm your order.  You may also place the order by mail.  We accept Visa, and Master Card for payment.

Mail the printed order form to:

Swartz Associates LLC.
2 Woodcliff Dr.
Leola, PA 17540


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