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Buggy Row - Amish Oil Painting

Buggy Row - Amish Oil Painting


The buggies at the Mud Sale were all lined up in a row on a field near the auction . Their simple colors of grey and black, so symbolic of the Amish, formed a pattern that was brightened up by the bright red-orange of their triangular hazard signs (required by English law). It looked like a parking lot to Julia, but of buggies instead of cars! The composition of realistic shapes is transformed into an impressionistic view with the more modern dripping paint technique used in the for-ground and sky.

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

Image Size:  15" x 32" Sold - private collector

  Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Giclée Print on Canvas

Edition Size 100, Image Size: 42" x 20"
Edition Size 250, Image Size: 32" x 15"

Signed Open Edition Giclée Print on Canvas

Image Size: 6" x 13" 


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