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Gallery Hours & Address

Retiring the Gallery........ From time to time Julia and I have talked about when we would retire from our physical gallery in the village of Intercourse. When our Governor closed things down because of Covid19, we took another look at everything and decided now is the time to make the change. After all, We are both closer to 70 than 60. We’ve now moved all our operations to our home and closed the doors in the village of Intercourse. While our home is not yet open to visitors, We will do our best to help you with your art buying decisions by phone, by our website, by Zoom, by Google Meet or by text. Julia and I both miss seeing you in person, but we can still do face to face online. Just call or text to set up a time. 


While we are retiring from the day to day gallery, we are in now way retiring from ART!. Julia still has the internal need to create something new and beautiful. She has always been that way and I believe it is her gift to others. Literally thousands of you have a piece of Julia in your home. Something you bought because it made you smile or you just liked it. We thank you for that!  We both love what we do and plan to continue to help you make your home beautiful with a piece of Julia’s art!