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Curious Cow - Watercolor painting

Curious Cow - Watercolor painting


 Just up the road from our home is a dairy farm.  One day I stopped along the road to take some pictures of the cows in the pasture to be included in my series of watercolor cow paintings.  Well the cows were very curious and this one Holstein cow came right up to the fence and stuck her head across the fence to get a better look at me.  She must have wondered what this silly lady was doing.  Well I got a good close up picture of her.  

Original Watercolor Painting

Sold - private collector

Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Giclée Print

Edition Size 300,  Image Size:   28" x 20.1"
Edition Size 300,  Image Size:18.5" x 13.3"
Edition Size 300,  Image Size:   12"  x  8.6"

Signed Open Edition Giclée Mini Print

Image Size: 6" x 4.5"


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