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Chicken Whisperer - Landscape Oil Painting

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$25.00 - $440.00


An oil painting of an African lady sitting in her home with the door open to the outside and chickens in the doorway. The original painting was sold as a fundraiser for Rafiki Africa.


Provide resources and training to help communities in Africa be sustainable.

This Original Painting was auctioned for the Benefit of Rafiki Africa

50% of the proceeds from the giclee prints will continue to go to Rafiki

100% of the proceeds from the note cards will continue to go to Rafiki

The proceeds will go toward building a training center for girls and women in Rachuonyo, Western Kenya.

The Chicken Whisperer, was  inspired by a photo Lisa Landis, from WJTL, posted to Facebook. Lisa was traveling with Dorothy Dulo, founder of Rafiki Africa, and they were visiting Mama Odira, a widowed woman in Alendu Africa. While they were in Mama's house, she called to her chickens and they all came running. Hence the title, The Chicken Whisperer. Artist, Julia Swartz was inspired by the photo, and when she heard the story of Rafiki Africa, she decide to create a painting to benefit their cause.

Mama lost her husband and sons to HIV/AIDS and she also is HIV positive. Her two daughters are still living. Her home is in the same village where Rafiki Africa works with women to empower them spiritually, physically and emotionally. She heard about Rafiki's work with the women and witnessed some of the changes that the women are experiencing since they started attending Rafiki's training. She also heard that they were looking for a property to use for building a women's training center. She offered her property to Rafiki Africa. Her desire is that her property will be a place where women and girls lives can be changed and touched for many generations to come. She wants the women to learn and know how to protect themselves from abuse, HIV/AIDS, other diseases and how to be successful business women and farmers in order to provide for their families. Rafiki Africa plans to use this property to offer women and girls many services that will empower them to get out of poverty and change their communities for many generations to come.

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