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White Peonies - Oil Painting

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$25.00 - $305.00


A White Peonies flower oil painting on canvas by artist Julia Swartz. Who doesn't love big, beautiful, blooms of pink and white? Not only has Julia captured the essence of these Peonies in these two oil paintings, but she has captured;a memory that will live on long after the blooms have shriveled and died. As wonderful as these oil paintings and flowers are, they are more than a flower, or a painting. To Julia they are sentimental. Upon seeing or smelling these flowers waves of memories come flooding into Julia's mind. Memories of shadowing her mother, as;only a little girl can do, up and down the ;tall rows of ;peonies. Picking weeds or snipping blooms for the family dinner table, it's these memories that Julia holds dear to her heart. Although, the house is sold and the garden is probably developed Julia still enjoys her mother's flowers, which ;she lovingly dug-up, and transplanted into her ;own garden.

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Original painting is Sold - Private collector

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