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Aussie - Watercolor cat painting

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$25.00 - $950.00


A watercolor painting of a cat hiding behind a flower pot by artist Julia Swartz. This is a watercolor painting of Aussie. He was my baby for 3 months. Our son Anthony brought this kitten home 3 months before he got married and since he was very busy getting ready for the wedding, it gave me the opportunity of mothering the kitten. I didn't mind at all, I love cats. The hard part came when Anthony and Amy got home from their honeymoon and they came to take Aussie to their house. That was hard but I get to see him quite often. Aussie was a very curious kitten and got into a lot of things he shouldn't have. Like this vase of ivy. He knew he wasn't supposed to be up on the table and he was just peeking around the edge being real mischievous.

More info about giclee prints, gallery wrapped, framing etc.

Original watercolor painting is 18.75 x 14.75 plus framing.

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