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Beneath Max - Watercolor painting

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$25.00 - $950.00


A watercolor paintings of a cat playing with a marble by artist Julia Swartz. This watercolor of Julia's cat, Max, shows him from a unique low perspective. He seems to be unaware of her presence, and we get a rare glimpse into his private world of playing as he watches the colorful marble spin between his paws. The loose application of paint is juxtaposed nicely against Max's thin whiskers and the marble's intricate design.

Original watercolor on paper is 21" x 15.5", Framed 32.25 x 26.5.

Medium giclee print  15" x 9.3"
Large giclee print  20.2" x 12.6"

More info about giclee prints, gallery wrapped, framing etc.

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