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Mother Hen and her chicks

Have you ever paid a visit to Utopia? What would a moment of utopia feel like for you? For Julia, it was something like this. It was a bright sunny day and Julia and her sister were visiting a local farm with a greenhouse filled with beautiful succulents and flowers. Plants, flowers and gardens have always been a joy for Julia. Outside the greenhouse was a gazebo with beautiful vines growing all over it. Then there was the mother dog with her litter of pups playing as only puppies can play. Next there were several cats just hanging around warming themselves in the bright sun. Several sheep with baby lambs were grazing nearby. Then along comes mother hen with her brood of baby chicks. As I've said before, one never knows where the next artist inspiration will come from. They just show up!  Hen & Chicks

5th Mar 2021 Terry Swartz

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