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Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Spring is in full swing here in SE Pennsylvania. The fields and lawns are turning green and the trees will be green soon. The Weeping Cherry tree and Forsythia will soon be done blooming and sadly, our Magnolia froze when the flowers were beginning to open and they all turned brown. The Bluebirds are checking out the Bluebird box, the Robins are becoming territorial and the Carolina wren has been looking for a nesting spot as well. The new Spring Fever painting is a typical patch work of springtime Lancaster county countryside. The bright green new growth reminds me of Ireland while the brown patches await to be planted. We have a new Hellebores that produced one bud which we are anxious to see. Our old Hellebores is loaded with blooms. What does spring look like where you live? We love spring!      Spring Flower paintings.

8th Apr 2022 Terry Swartz

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